There are two reports available. Both contain approximately 413 family members related to William Hill, who was born in 1746.

The information is the result of many years of data collected from my immediate family and recently from an expanding group of cousins. Everyone is working to ensure the validity of the earlier generations and to add to their family lines.

Both reports can be printed using the print function of your browser.

Click below to view a Kinship Report that shows the relationship of everyone in my data file to William Hill.
The Report also serves as a good starting point to determine if information on the person you are interested in exists in the Generation Report.

Kinship Report

Click below to view a 9 Generation Report starting with William Hill.

A number to the left of any name indicates that there are descendants of that individual. Follow the report down to find that individual.

Note: A version with "notes" is available. Contact me.

Generation Report